About us




Who are Soleil and Soul Beauty?

We are a simple beauty brand who cares.

We want our products to forever give you the feeling of warmth and happiness that sunshine brings. 

We aren't here to over complicate things, just to make them a little easier.

We look pretty and are kind to the Earth which we think is pretty rad.

We are for all beauty lovers!

So what are you waiting for, come and chase the sun with us x 

Our Story

Soleil and Soul Beauty is the magic of our founder Professional Makeup Artist Stacey Banfield. 

With over 13years of industry experience behind her Stacey has spent the last 5 years in particular, dreaming up what her entrance into the product side of the beauty industry would look like.. 

Below we share her words :

"My clients have always been at the heart and soul of everything I do"

When working on different people everyday, and teaching makeup to many clients over the years, I have always heard the same common feelings of overwhelm and dislike when it came to specific parts of my clients and followers beauty routines. 

As an artist I focus a lot on skin, it's so incredibly important so of course this is part of what inspired brush care to be the first of my products to launch. 

Hygeine around your beauty tools is actually one of the most important, yet overlooked parts of your daily skincare routine.It's a simple task, yet one that so many don't do often enough to help minimize the effects it can have on the health of our skin.


Something else that has always weighed heavy on my mind was the amount of waste we as Makeup Artists and the everyday beauty consumers contribute to the Environment with the large amounts of single use plastic from the products we use.

Launching into an already saturated market, I wanted a point of difference to help create change environmentally without the compromise of quality. But to also help lessen the overwhelm consumers felt when it came to shopping for beauty products. 

Soleil and Soul Beauty products are designed to be simple, but have the purpose of being a key part in building the foundation for a great everyday beauty routine for everyone, and I can't wait to share them with you. 

This is only the beginning for what I hope to be an incredible journey

Thank you so much for supporting my dream x "