Every year the beauty industry contributes over 120 billion units of single use packaging alone to the world's total plastic waste pollution.

To us this is incredibly concerning given the increased decline of our planet. 

Soleil and Soul Beauty has been thoughtfully created as a brand with a commitment to help make change where it counts.With a care for mother nature in mind and a drive to encourage the use of reusable packaging, we knew when creating this brand it had to be built from good intentions, stemming from not only our personal values, but from what we wish to achieve as a brand.

Our work in this space will be forever ongoing and we cant wait to see what we can achieve together. 


As a brand we are driven by our core component which is our refillable systems.

This has been designed to encourage the re-use of your beautifully crafted packaging. 

Our bottles for our Brush Care line are made in Japan from bio-based polyethylene (BIO-PE).

This Bio Plastic is made from 100% renewable resources such as sugar cane, corn, rice, potatoes, wheat and vegetable oil. 

These resources, especially sugar cane, have been proved to be the most environmentally friendly materials and offers the advantages of being 100% recyclable and carbon positive.

Our packaging manufacturer in Japan is committed like us to try do things in the most efficient and sustainable ways. 

The plant based plastics used for our bottles have been crafted using plant-based raw materials, which is produced from the residual molasses generated when sugar is produced from plants.

It has the effect of reducing both the use of finite fossil resources and CO2 emissions compared to petroleum derived resins. 

We also opted for light weight containers with thinner walls. By reducing the thickness of the container, the amount of plastic materials used and the environmental impact are reduced.

Our labelling has mostly also been screen printed onto our bottles to prevent further plastics being used, and our Refill pouches are also Bio based PE meaning they too are 100% recyclable.

Although our steps may be small to begin with, we have big plans for what we can achieve as a brand, allowing us to help our customers make more earth friendly decisions when it comes to their everyday beauty purchases.We take our responsibility and footprint as a new business seriously. 

Doing what we can to lessen our waste and contribute positively to our community and planet by following the reduce - reuse - recycle methods and choosing more enviromentally friendly materials for all aspects of our business.