Where is Soleil and Soul Beauty Based ?

- We are based in Christchurch New Zealand 


 Is there an Expiry on your products?

- Yes from when first opened your product is valid for 2 years  :)

Are your products New Zealand made?  
Yes our brush care is formulated by a local cosmetic formulator and manufactured locally in a Christchurch Laboratory 


 Do you ship Internationally?

- We sure do but this is currently turned off whilst we work on getting better rates with DHL for our customers. Please email directly to arrange international orders :) 

How long will your products last?

Each bottle is 200ml/6.7oz this means for the mist you should get approximately 2,000 sprays and for the brush shampoo approximately 65 full pumps. We say for the everyday consumer (excluding makeup artists) you should get about 2.5-3months use per bottle.

Are your products Cruelty Free?

- They sure are, we are also Vegan and Ethically sourced.


How long does your shipping take?

- Our service is generally overnight courier within NZ (excluding rural addresses) depending on the time or day your order is placed, this is excluding during a new product launch or promotional times as this may effect our processing times slightly depending on volumes. Please head to our shipping/delivery tab for all further details.


Are your brush care products safe for the skin?

- Our product is not designed to be directly sprayed or applied onto the skin, so please ensure all residue is removed/rinsed from your brushes properly.

However if your brush does come into contact with the skin and is still damp with our product there is no need to be alarmed. Our chemists at our laboratory have done stabilization testing on our products and they are more than safe for contact with the skin.


Why is the brush mist flammable? 

- Due to the nature of the Isopropyl ingredient in our mist (used to kill bacteria and dry fast) we are required by law to advise our customers of this as standard practice. Please practice safe use and follow our care guidelines for this product.


Does your product have Fragrance in it?

- Yes our brush care line is softly scented with a beautiful coconut scent. We wanted something to make your brush cleaning experience that little bit more luxurious and we love how the scent lingers onto your brushes after it is removed making for a more pleasant brush cleaning experience.

The mist does also have the slight scent of alcohol from the Isopropyl ingredient, so having a scent helps to make it smell less clinical.

The fragrance in our products is naturally derived.