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Professional quick dry mist - Refill

Professional quick dry mist - Refill

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Our same incredible Professional quick dry mist that just makes life so much easier when time isn't something you have alot of on your side - except this time in our super fab REFILL option. 

With our beautiful sustainably crafted packaging having been created to be refilled time and time again we would love for you to join us on our mission to lessen the waste we see coming from the beauty industry, by supporting our refill system. 

Our refill pouches are our solution, they are also a pe product that is fully recyclable. How cool is that!

So save yourself a few dollars and choose to refill!

What makes ours different?

Simple We have the Environment in mind. 

After seeing how much waste is contributed to society from the beauty industry we wanted to try do our part to combat this, by starting with the simple products used in our everyday beauty routines, and just jazzing them up a little!

Our plant made bottles have been beautifully curated in Japan designed to be reused time and time again. So when you run out of product, simply purchase one of our refill pouches, when it arrives pour your product right back on into your bottle and your good to go. 

Even if you don't live a 100% green, clean life all that matters is that your supporting change in a industry full of waste.

So in our eyes, we reckon any steps taken no matter how big or small they may be definitely count for something and well that makes you pretty cool for doing so. 



- Spray mist onto a cloth or tissue

- Then apply your makeup brush onto the product, moving in circular motions until makeup residue is removed and your brush is dry.

- No water needed, quick dry!

- Repeat as needed


All of our bottles are made from bio-based polyethylene (Bio-PE) so what does that mean?

Essentially they are plant-based plastics produced from 100% renewable resources such as sugar cane, corn, rice, potatoes, wheat and vegetable oil.  Ours specifically is made from sugar cane. Not only is it fully recyclable but it is super eco-friendly.

This type of plastic is perfect for those who are looking to reduce the number of carbon emissions they create in the world, lower their overall energy consumption and protect the environment.

This material has the effect of reducing both the use of finite fossil resources and CO2 emissions compared to petroleum-derived resins.

We also opted for thin walled containers - By reducing the thickness of the container, the amount of materials used and the environmental impact are also further reduced.

Our bottles are extremely light weight but also super long lasting which made them the best option to align with our refill system.


The good stuff

- Vegan

- Cruelty Free

- New Zealand Made

- Ethically Sourced 

- Plant Based Bio Degradable Packaging 

- Antibacterial 

- 200ML per bottle

- Leaves your brushes soft and conditioned

- Softly scented in our coconut-vanilla scent to forever remind you of the sunshine days.

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Kendal Mcsorley

An absolute staple in my professional makeup kit. Smells delicious and does such a great job at cleaning my brushes 👏🏼👏🏼